Conclusion of celebrities and positive influence on teens

conclusion of celebrities and positive influence on teens These stories of celebrities making a positive influence on society should be the stories that run through sportscenter every hour rather than who got arrested over the weekend, or what the hottest pop-star did in the latest music video.

Positive effects of peer pressure on teenagers are also evident by the example of a student who is motivated to get good grades because his friends are getting good grades – an action that can be attributed to positive peer pressure. Celebrities and their influence february 5, 2009 celebrities inspire teens to do what they can like lets say a teen watched his favorite movie with a celeb with it, and the celeb said you. List of celebrities that have been influential in promoting a healthy body image demi lovato, lorde, jennifer lawrence, rihanna, etc role models for a positive body image.

Celebrities do have the opportunity to go clinically insane under the spotlight, but they also have the opportunity to be positive influences on the world around them celebrities ultimately do. According to my research on both sides, i have come to the conclusion that celebrity influence is negative on teenagers and society celebrities can be a very good influence on teens and society a lot of celebrities help to enhance teens and societies understanding of curriculum subjects, like math or science. Celebrities influence teens in both positive and negative ways pop culture infiltrates the lives of teenagers in influential ways celebrities are elevated to a status akin to american royalty, and as such can become role models for younger, impressionable audiences.

Influence of celebrities vs parents in today’s culture we can easily influence each other in our society because of the advance in knowledge and media celebrities and parents play significant parts in influencing people. Celebrities can provide both positive and negative influences for teenagers allie howell , editor-in-chief • march 26, 2014 • leave a comment share on facebook. Celebrity influence on your teen's body image by dr gail gross social media -- twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat -- and celebrities have created a highly-charged 24/7 cycle of unrealistic.

While a celebrity can have a good influence on your child, negative impacts are pretty likely, too in fact, some teens are more likely to listen to the words of their favorite celebrities than their own parents, according to an article in renew magazine by barbara theodosiou, founder of the addict's mom organization. This is an issue due to the heavy amount of influence a celebrity's decision may bring to young viewers and that can impact young viewers one major influence that celebrities have on teens is drug abuse. Transcript of the negative effects of celebrities on teenagers the negative effects of celebrities on teenagers by emily ridings claim therefore, even though there are celebrities trying to spread positive influences, it is the negative ones that normally shine. Celebrities can have a positive effect in teenagers' lives when they promote education and cultural awareness celebrities who complete college coursework, have an interest in politics, write books, study literature, travel abroad or engage in debates showcase their intellectual skills.

Popular celebrities, athletes, and other well-known people, whom teens look up to, also openly discuss their alcohol and drug use, which may influence teens to want to try alcohol or drugs as it seems to be normal behavior. Teenagers are vulnerable to their influences and can be lead down the wrong path we can only hope that those celebrities will take a moment to stop caring about fame and think about the people they are leaving a mark on. Teenagers will pay more attention to celebrities than their own parents because to us, the lives of celebrities are very entertainingfor example, the fashion and attitude of many celebrities is very influential among this generation of teens. The options for role models are countless in a society saturated with the influences of celebrities, models, and athletes students gravitate towards several different role models, valuing different characteristics they obtain. In conclusion, i do realize that celebrities’ influence on these people is not always a negative one however, as aforementioned in the introductory paragraph, imitation has never been looked at favorably by me.

This has invariably created tension between parents who have positive expectations for their teenagers and teenagers who view such expectation as hopelessly out-dated the purpose of this paper is to evaluate the influence of media on teenagers, especially how the media shapes the behaviour of teens. Celebrity impact on teens teen obsession with celebrity does have its benefits, but the list of disadvantages is certainly much longer and meaningful. Media influence can be powerful if a celebrity role model says a particular lifestyle, product or behaviour is good there are lots of examples of celebrities whose lifestyles, values and behaviour provide positive examples.

  • Celebrities can have both positive and negative effects on kids, depending on their behaviors and actions, states common sense media on its website for example, a celebrity who engages in relief efforts for people in a natural disaster or who donates time and energy to help specific causes can serve as a positive role model of altruistic behavior.
  • While lot’s of celebrities are a positive influence on teens and strive to help our youth, others are viewed as a negative influence perhaps the most obvious ways in which celebrities can negatively influence teens are.

Jordin sparks- talented, down to earth, has a positive body image the harry potter teens-they are so freakin classy it puts american teenagers to shame. Positive parenting has a large influence in the development of a child, and as stated by piaget's four stages of cognitive development: the way a parent raises a child not only affects the child for the moment but also for a larger part of the child's life. Can celebrities ever have a positive influence on young people does celebrity culture really matter these are complex and plural questions to which there are few, if any, concrete answers.

conclusion of celebrities and positive influence on teens These stories of celebrities making a positive influence on society should be the stories that run through sportscenter every hour rather than who got arrested over the weekend, or what the hottest pop-star did in the latest music video.
Conclusion of celebrities and positive influence on teens
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